Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trying new things

The life of a creative person is to attempt new things. Distraction is the avoidance of attempting new things.

If you never create, you'll tell yourself you can't do it. If you do create, you'll still need to remind yourself that it was you.

The real buzz is creating something you haven't done before. You surprise yourself everyday.

Creativity is about doing stuff you haven't done before. You begin by fearing it. Then you begin to love it.

Life is a fluid situation. Sometimes you gotta get your feet wet.

No one is ready to graduate or ready for the job interview, or ready to work for themselves. But they begin.

So many wait impatiently for a limo, when the bus was all they needed.

No one is ever 100% ready to begin. So many put off the work of their dreams forever.

Procrastination is indecision. Indecision is resistance.

People wait for decades until they feel ready. The world also waits.
You need to actively chase projects you want to do. Or you WILL be doing uninteresting work.

Stagnation is making what you know well. Enthusiasm is for what we have only imagined.

Don't need to wait for a job you've already done. Chase the creative career you want.

Obvious enthusiasm is more valuable than career experience.

You're not the sum of you work experience. Aim for your career expectations.

Don't be distracted by what you can do. Focus on what you want to create.

Stagnation, indecisive, procrastination, unmotivated & frustrated: all symptoms of no clear vision for your future career. 

You know you are creating when you say, "I have no idea what I'm doing".

People who know how, didn't know how when they began.

We all imagine a tight-rope between today and our ideal future.

To create is a risk. Not creating is a bigger risk.

10,000 say, "I don't know how", and never start. A rare few say, "I will figure it out" and begin.

Some wait for the perfect time. Some are waiting to be perfect.

We wait until we are ready, willing & able. But we just need to be willing.

People say they aren't creative. What they mean is: "I feel safe in my box".

Many say, "I'm not creative". (Translation: "I got by up till now").

For the past 50 years you could get by without being creative. Not any more.

SUCCESS: It’s not what you do well now, it's what you want to do great.

It's not how creative you are. It's how creative you want to be.

Creativity flows AFTER you start creating.

You won't learn about personal innovation until you take a risk.

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