Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Creative process

Your pen is a key that unlocks your unique creative personality.

When pen touches paper, the circuit of mind, heart, eye & hand is complete.

Nothing focuses creativity more than the point of a pen.

Most of your best thinking happens with a pen in your hand.

Your best ideas come AFTER the pen is in your hand.


You can create anything with 20 minutes a day.

De-talent-isation leads to global snoring.

3 step plan to success: Practice, practice and practice.

Busy? Use your time creatively.

Better to create when you can, than not at all.

Logic looks for instant satisfaction, curiosity is far more patient.

Intelligence looks for a quick solution. Creativity looks for possibilities.

Your first project. Create a place to create.

My experiences live in the past, my curiosity lives in the present, my imagination lives in the future.

Recently I dreamt a had a Rhino in the backyard. He was alot of work. Never thought I would learn task-management from a Rhino.

The creative process is like making a movie: It starts off with Creatives & ends with Technicians.

Carrying around folded paper & pens isn't revolutionary, but it will transform an artist or writers life.

We live in a highly mobile, time poor world. Get yourself a pencil case big enough for writing ideas & small drawings.

I keep my studio/office in a pencil case. It goes almost everywhere with me.

The creative process is saying what you intended, in a way not quiet intended.

What captures your eye or your imagination, should be captured in ink or pixels.

Reasons come BEFORE decisions -Purpose before process.

Don't fear silence. Allow your thoughts to entertain you.

Voluntary solitude gives our best thoughts permission to show themselves.

Your best work will be when you: show the world an unusual perspective.

Your best work will be when you: bring things together for the first time.

Your best work will be when you: Reveal something about what ppl are already thinking about.

Your best work will be when you: do what frightens you the most.

Your best work will be when you: Have projects with mixed media or multimedia.

Your best work will be when you: Don't use the standard tools.

Your best work is ahead of you.

A break in your routine or visiting a new place also free's your mind to think more creatively.

Creativity is amazing. Some repetition free's the mind to think more deeply.

Progress isn't just using what you have, but also letting go of what you thought you must have.

The most observant see the good in any situation.

Start when you don't want to start & finish when you don't want to finish.

Personal perfection encourages personal rejection.

The final version won't match the vision. Just enjoy the process & the final result.

It's great to have an ideal, but don't wait for the 'ideal time' to start.

Winter is a great time to be creative. (The invention of the fire place started the 1st innovation revolution).

It's great to have a step-by-step manual, but some go far rarely knowing the next step.

No one can create with constant interruptions. It's like heavy traffic for the soul.

Life's greatest adventures are; Truths found, troubles defeated, travels made & trust shared.

People say, "Don't confuse activity with progress". But for beginners, any activity IS progress.

After midnight. The last refuge for the creative soul.

Doubt creeps up from behind because we allow it to catch up. Keep moving.

The best thing I learnt at collage: Content, technique, presentation.

Creative time is alone time, recharge time.

Don't think about what you should know. Act on the piece you know today.

You can do almost anything, but it's far better to choose something.

Where there's a will, there's today.

In a world of 100's of options, the new art is to choose.

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