Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stuff I've done

STUFF I'VE DONE: Took bus to college with my big art folder. I made it look like a huge air mail envelope. Bus (cont) http://tl.gd/6ujsjj

STUFF I'VE DONE: Worked for another News Ltd paper in the ad dept. Lochlan Murdock didn't pop in either. (Like father, like son).

STUFF I'VE DONE: Worked in a Graphic Design dept of a News Ltd paper. When Rupert Murdock came for a visit, he never popped in to say hello

STUFF I'VE DONE: As Commercial Artist at my 1st newspaper job, some days were so quiet, I would draw jet cars all day.

STUFF I'VE DONE: Of course I loved art class in high school but they didn't grade art so some kids just messed around.

STUFF I'VE DONE: Kids used to get me to illustrate their school projects. They got good marks for initiative but low marks for effort.

STUFF I'VE DONE: The art on my heading pages in my school exercise books were so detailed that I kept the art & through away the books.

STUFF I'VE DONE: When I was 14 & 15, my school made me illustrator for the annual school magazine.

STUFF I'VE DONE: I used to draw so much that my school exercise books looked more like art journals.

STUFF I'VE DONE: By the time I was 12, I had over 50 model planes hanging from the lounge room ceiling. (It was my own air show)

STUFF I'VE DONE: When I was 10, I made an army tank from 'my' junk. It had an old toilet seat as the hatch.

STUFF I'VE DONE: When I was 5, I lived in flats that had a huge junk pile. My 1st playground. One day it was all gone. I was devastated.

STUFF I'VE DONE: I used to make the best cubby houses. Kid next door was so jealous but we had the best junk.

STUFF I'VE DONE: As a kid I used to jump off the house roof with a big plastic bag as a parachute. (I was a paratrooper)

STUFF I'VE DONE: As a kid I used to make a wall of boxes in a door frame & smash through. (I was Superman)

STUFF I'VE DONE: When I was 12, I made a town on my bedroom floor using small boxes, toy cars & soldiers for people. (Young urban planner).


In the old days (when everything was still in black & white) ...actually, that sums up the newspaper I worked for. 

To be fair, newspapers did have color. You could have red or blue. But that was a lot of extra work.

In an early newspaper job, I would keep the drawings & photos in this thing called a Filing Cabinet.

Change is normal; I was a Paste-Up Artist for a newspaper. Yes, thats real 'Cut & Paste' people.

Be open to change. I worked for a newspaper that went from 'hot metal' typesetting to full digital workflow in 4 years. 

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