Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Confidence & courage

You have faith in your creativity when you know the solution will come. Even when you still don't understand the problem.

Your inner creative voice speaks to you. The inner critic tends to interrupt.

Don't let a creative project get too big. You might see yourself too small to finish it.

"COUUURAGE, yarrrrrrrhhhhh". Ah, I feel much better now.

Creative courage begins when you fear mediocrity.

A house fire can stop your progress for a year. Self doubt can stop you for a decade.

You must give yourself permission to be creative.

We rise & fall with the level of courage & expectation we have in us.

We have many truly great thinkers from history. But they would prefer we share our own thoughts.

Most people are waiting for something good to happen. I don't know why.

Believe in your potential. Then it can be revealed to you.

Creative heros had the courage to follow their ideas into unknown territory.

Even your creative heros had their own heroes.

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