Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Content & story telling

Every story is a journey, every face a story.

Which are you... 
The performer? The image maker? The music maker? Or the story maker?

What is your story?

Some write the story of their life when they are old. Some write it in advance.

Your creative life is your story. Critics have their own stories.
Some create for a reaction, some create for a response.

There is one way to react. But there is 500 ways to respond.

Ownership = Choice. Be a content creator & you own the content.

An artist can create for others if he also creates for himself.

An artists hope is to create what he promises to himself.

There is too much talking in animated films. The poor kids can barely keep up, if at all.

Every artist is a visual communicator at some level.

The characters in the writers mind are not content to remain there.

A writer paints pictures in the mind of the reader, and an artist's message can be heard in the mind of the viewer.

If you can't find a new way of expressing yourself, then do it on a grander scale.

Becoming a creative leader: The world is full of people with learned skills. Focus also on Content, not just on tools & techniques.

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