Monday, January 17, 2011

Steves quotes on being born creative & childhood creativity

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My daughter told a kid at school she's learning the clarinet. Kid said, "You don't look like a clarinet player".

I remind my kids, they have talents. I call them 'my little wonders'.

School kids already telling my kids, "You can't really do that". No wonder people don't trust their talents.Steves quotes on being born creative (childhood creativity)

Being an adult makes sense when we remember what we loved to create when we were kids.

An adult doesn't discover they are an artist. They only rediscover what is there.

An artist is the creation formed in the imagination of our own childhood.

So many of the worlds children are victims of an early adulthood.

I can feel like a care free child any time I like. I just pick up a pencil and draw.

You would never criticize or ignore a child that shows you his artwork. But we do that to the artist within.

I remember all the new art supplies I got 1st day of school. It was like Christmas. (Other kids were crying).

Man, I miss the smell of stationary. Art supplies too. Is that normal?

To a child, the whole world is a playground. Then we grow up & dream of finding our playfession.

Just heard someone say, "This (cooking) has helped me to rediscover my creative side".

People think, "I used to be creative", but it's still there, sleeping.

I wonder how many adults suffer from a lack of creative expression?

Adults suffer from play deprivation as much as children do.

Creativity, Play & Love seem to be facets of the same thing.

I remember a drawing I did when I was 3. It looked like Mr Potato Head.

Yes, we are all born creative. It's just that we are all creative in different ways.

When I grow up, I want to be me.

The goal of a successful artist is to return to a child-like play & curiosity, without becoming nostalgic of the past.

The artist and the child within us are the same person.

Met a guy this week that remembered me from college. He remembered artwork I did there 28 years ago. Wow

A person can spend half his life looking for a way back to that state of childlike creative play.

When I grow up, I want to come back to doing what I'm free to do now.