Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Talent, gifts & potential (knowing your strengths)

We owe a lot to the artists of the world. Or everyone will still be drawing stick figures in the sand.

Talent is the magnification on small details. Vision is a filter than screens out other details.

Nothing wrong with admiring the talents of others. But don't rubbish yours.

Our talents are our strength. People who don't know their talents feel weak.

If we really know our talents, we wouldn't want the talents of others.

You definitely have talents. It's just they may look different to how you imagined them.

We need to know the difference between the talents we admire but don't have, & the talents we have but don't as yet admire.

Our talents have room to grow when we see a lot of possibilities in our area of interest.

Talent is the ability to imagine endless possibilities in the things you love.

We need to rediscover the talent of being ourselves.

Successful people came to the realization that the best use of their life is the best use of their talents.

A creative life is the process of exercising one talent, only to find other talents emerge.

Never liked working with numbers. They always assume there is only one answer.

Whenever I find things I can't do, I tell myself, "I must be good at something else".

Perfectionism is bad, but if you focus on your strengths, you'll get pretty close to it.

I don't know what your gift is but I know it's unique.

Much talent is hidden from the world. And our own talent can be hidden from ourselves.

FOUND: One big bag of creative potential. If it's yours, claim it as soon as possible.

I don't wait for luck. I believe in my own creative potential.

I believe that so much potentual creativity goes to waste.

Yes, we are all born creative. It's just that we are all creative in different ways.

Talent isn't what you can do. It's the thing that makes you unique.

Multi-talented and unfocused? Combine them for real creativity.

A creative person believes that their best work is ahead of them.

You know you value your talents, when you value today.

Your power is your natural talent.

Your greatest talent is the expression of your vision.

To have the confidence in the future you want, you need to have confidence in the talent you know you have.

100 billion neurons in your head. Oh yeh, you definitely have possibilities.

Your talents can be revealed in your sensitivity to colors, sounds, contradictions, concepts.

One of my strengths is to find creative ways to compensate for my weaknesses.

Knowing your weakness is also a strength. Makes us collaborative & humble.

Rely on ourselves for what we CAN do. Rely on each other for what we can't do.

Be fair to yourself. You can't rule the world. You can only change it.

Got the music in you? Time to get it out of you.

Your talent is stuff you do easily or quickly. Don't under price your work just because it's easy.

Talent is a seed...

The talented people you admire, can't do things you can do.

Your hands are the gloves your talent wears when you let it do its work.

Talent is like an old friend. You know what he's done, but you don't know what he'll do next.

Can't predict what your talent will do. It will always surprise you.

When exploring your talents, you can imagine the possibilities. But you soon discover they give you many pleasant surprises.

From a friend: "I loved that work you did. Are you still doing that?"

From a friend: "You're talented. You should do something with that".

Your talent will define your direction. Your dedication will define the distance.

Your talent may look different than imagined. But it can also take you places you never imagined.

Talent is first revealed in a persistent day dream.

Talented hands, a curious mind & an enthusiastic heart makes a person capable of greatness.

Talent is a raw mineral, a natural resource. It needs to be refined into it's pure form.

Talent is what you love to think about.

Talent needs character; the ability to do what comes easy, even when life makes it difficult.

Talent makes something easy to do. Education makes it easier to do in the future.

Talent needs to become a skill, to become a service, if that talent is to survive.

Some talents are unique to you. Some talents are common to man but rarely used.

Quality shouldn't be a goal; It starts now in the little things you do.

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