Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Creativity is...

  • Creativity is the opportunity to make something possible.

  • The world says, "How is that possible?". Creatives say, "How can I make it possible?".

  • Creativity is great therapy. Rediscover the joy of writing, image making or music.

    If it wasn't for Everyday Creativity, I wouldn't feel too creative some days.
  • Creativity is for today. Imagination is for this moment.

  • Before the innovation age, you had choices. You could pick potatoes, pumpkins or cotton.

    What would the world be like without creativity? An out-house without toilet paper.

    If it wasn't for creativity, half of us would be farm-hands & factory workers now.

  • Fortunately the world is full of 'fads' that never went away.

    Without 100 years of creativity you would most likely be collecting firewood about now.

    Why is creativity important? We have electric light because someone burnt the midnight oil.

    Is creativity important? When was the last time you handwashed your clothes with whale sope?

  • Nothing focuses creativity more than the point of a pen.

  • Creativity is firstly the process of forming new connections, associations or repurposing ideas, objects & even people.

  • Creativity is active optimism despite the obstacle.

  • Creativity is like a volcano: an eruption followed by disruption.

  • History: Man coping better with nature. Creativity: Man coping in advance.

  • Creativity is thinking outside the half empty square : )

  • Creativity is when new relationships between ideas & people are encouraged to form.

  • Creativity without action isn't creative.

  • Creativity isn't about escaping reality. It's about reclaiming it.

  • Chaos is a word for order we don't understand yet.

  • If everyone agrees with, chances are, you're not doing anything original.

  • Creativity is proving yourself wrong about what you know is impossible?

  • Creativity isn't just a way of thinking. It's a way of living.

  • Creativity is applied optimism.

  • Creativity is hope in action.

  • The purpose of being creative is to repurpose. 

  • Research is finding connections. Creativity is making them.

  • Discovery is a jigsaw puzzle, creativity is a mosaic.

  • We all construct patterns of thought but creativity seeks to remove them.

  • The three levels of creativity: 1/Repurposing, 2/connection & 3/metaphor.

  • Intelligence looks for a quick solution. Creativity looks for possibilities.

  • Creativity is the ability to consider multiple options.

  • ---------------
  • Creativity: Man V's time.

  • The artist: Man V's todays trend.

  • An artists dream: Man V's 'common sense'.

  • Drama: Man V's an adversary.

  • Comedy: Man V's gravity.
  • ----------------

  • Creative thinking if fine but it's the creative heart of one person that becomes the agent of change.

  • Creativity is the way you relate to the world. It isn't a force or power or energy. Creativity is personal and human.

  • We create relationships with our ideas, our surroundings, our medium, subject, field, career, audience & our art.

  • Creativity is a relationship with many things.

  • Creating is like breathing: Observation (in), record ideas (out), verify (in), public expression (out).

  • High IQ's seize the day, Creatives change tomorrow.

  • Creativity is: Just connect. Make connections between unrelated things. Create a relationship between unrelated objects, ideas & knowledge.

  • There is an unbroken line of emotion from the very first song to the latest.

  • Creativity happens at the intersection of conscious & subconscious. And left & right brain.

  • Creativity is compensation for lack of money.

  • Creativity is the continuous dissolving of partitions. Crazy people just take it way too far.

  • Creativity is to play with combinations. Of colours, ideas, words, images & concepts... Let's play.

  • Creativity finds new expressions of faith, hope & love.

  • Creativity is finding new ways to share your enthusiasm.

  • A metaphor, it's like when you say 'It's like...."

  • A metaphor is the unfamiliar clothed in the familiar.

  • Interesting things happen when you expand your definition of creativity, design or art.

  • Creative people create connections, communicate connections, repurpose connections.

  • The less you have, the more useful creativity is.

  • Creativity is life's element of surprise.

  • Creativity is failing to be normal.

  • Destructiveness makes life complicated. Creativity makes life simpler.

  • Creativity makes things simple to understand, & makes great skill look easy.

  • Tools overcome physical limitations, Creativity overcomes environmental limitations.

  • Creativity is like nature: It's adaptive, it adhores a vacuum, it sustains us, & it's interconnected.

  • Life is wonderful complexity. Creativity is wonderful simplicity.

  • Creative people define popular culture. Imitators just popularize it.

  • Creative is Cool. Cool in not creative.

  • Times of intense creativity won't make you crazy. Even if average people think you are.

  • Creativity would strike more people if they weren't earthed to common assumptions.

  • If you want creativity to strike, your pen is the lightning rod.

  • Creativity is like static electricity. We unknowingly collect it as we rub shoulders with life.

  • Creativity is like a capacitor, collecting a charge slowly, but often released all at once.

  • Creativity blurs the lines between seeing & imagining.

  • Curiosity is the opportunity to learn interesting things that you didn't intend learning.

  • Creativity questions common assumptions. It's doesn't agree with the 'wisdom of crowds'.

  • Creativity makes new connections. Intuition senses that potential connections are closer than normal.

  • Creativity exists dispute social & cultural normalization.

  • The best creativity is one that encourages more creativity.

  • Creativity flows in fluid situations.

  • Physically, man isn't remarkable. Creatively, man is incredible.

  • Man learns to use tools (Skill). Man uses tool for new purpose (Creative). Man makes new tool (Invention).

  • Creativity is an unpredictable thing, that makes the future less unpredictable.

  • Creativity takes me places I haven't been. It prepares me for a future I haven't seen.

  • The power of creativity is love, The effectiveness of love is creativity.

  • There's only one thing greater than a creative spirit, & that is a spirit of love.

  • Logic likes to understand. Creativity likes to be puzzled.

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