Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Persistent daydreams are the messages from your hidden talents.

You have a 'Private Daydream' that wants to be promoted to 'Major Purpose'.

A daydream is something you want to do, when you are doing something you don't want to do.

Dreams make sleeping sweet. Daydreams make living sweeter.

A daydream isn't an idle thing. We see ourselves working at what we love.

You don't have to live in someone's shadow. As long as you see that your opportunities come from your own interests & daydreams.

When you grow into your dreams, you discover the world grows bigger still.

Daydream: A process in which the mind says, "Bugga you, if you don't need me, I've got more interesting things to do".

"Oh, I was miles away then". (Oh, body was doing what it has to do, so mind went outside to play).

When you're too tired, don't make major decisions. Even your daydreams need a rest.

HOPE gives the best career advice.

Daydreams are spontaneous goals.

A day-dream is a longing for a better day-job.

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