Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Creative personality

Yes, a few can go along way trying to be someone else. But many go along way just being themselves.

It's quiet here today. 'I' am listening more to 'myself' today.

I used to think that opportunities are 'out there'. I should have looked inside first.

A creative soul finds himself when he becomes lost in the moment.

Your pen is a key that unlocks your unique creative personality.

Are you Polymathic? -Having many talents, skills and interests.

One of your biggest discoveries will be your unique creative personality.

What is a creative brain without a creative heart?

Your creativity isn't dead, it's sleeping.

Creativity is like the Sun; we can't always see it shine, but it's still there.

You have a creative personality. And it is unique.

I love ideas like I love design; It becomes almost impossible to see things as they are.

People are more sensitive than they like to admit. But creative people embrace & express their own particular sensitivity.

Creative people are more sensitive to their surroundings. So some things they can do well & some things they can never do.

Not sure if you want a creative life? Is the alternative unthinkable?

If you feed your creative personality, part of you will never grow old.

I have personality confirmed when I told my wife that I need to create

Take your daydreams seriously; That is your creative personality talking to you.

Your creative side isn't dead. It's just in a restless sleep.

A creative personality needs to express it's self. Can ignore it for a while but not forever.

No, there's nothing wrong with you. You're just a sensitive artist.

The work you love to do the most, is an extension of who you are.

Connected, Integrated, Relational, Wholistic. -All aspects of an un-fragmented artist.

Creators are co-creators. Their talents, personality & dreams all work together.

A creative spirit is constructive. A critical spirit is destructive.

When we explore the natural world, we discover an inner world of ideas.

Nature makes you more imaginative, self reliant, intuitive and mentally productive.

Everyone needs to get out of the city sometimes. Escape the noise & find themselves again.

The Artist, the Inner child & the Muse, are all names for the Creative Personality.

You respond to your creative nature by nurturing it.

I wonder about myself sometimes. I've been self administering career & personality profiles on myself.

I'm a mind reader!... Well, I just read my mind, but that's more than some can do.

The creative process is the way a creative personality lives their whole life.

I don't like using words like; Always, Must, Should, Never & Can't. But sometimes I 'Have To'.

I owe so much to being teachable, creative & prepared.

I welcome the future, with preparation, flexibility & creativity.

Your personality is the way you learn, solve problems & communicate. Your work should reflect that.

Your best work will be an extension of your personality.

It's hard to find your natural self in artificial places.

A health Self-Concept must enjoy being self reliant.

I'm serious about creativity, but never take myself too seriously.

Body expects comforts, People expect conformity. (Avoid both, to be actively creative).

To find yourself, is to find your foundation.
To create yourself, is to build on it.

Finding yourself: Personality, Talents & dreams.
Creating yourself: Combining the above into a productive life.

If boredom is a sign of intelligence, then people must be pure genius's.

Quicker to walk in your own shoes, than try to run in someone else's.

Creativity doesn't like to rely on maps. (So that's why I don't like street maps).

Your greater need is one that accepts other needs as lesser.

My basic need is to make a living. My higher need is to create my life.

I need to create to be more alive.

I love creativity. I can do something that helps others long after I'm gone.

What has always impressed me about creativity is that it says, "I was here".

All food is sweet to the hungry. Life is sweet.

Brain says, "I can only do what I know". Heart says, "I need to do what I love".

We are rewarded for remembering facts, & forgetting our true self.

Your biggest barrier is not knowing what life you want, or thinking you can't have it.

Faith in yourself is not doubting your devotion, abilities & dreams.

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