Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Failure, fear & mistakes

Failure is my teacher and success is my role-model.

We are so easily distracted so we can avoid our fear of failure.

The odd mistake is still a cheap education.

Creative purpose: "You can be a big fish in a bigger pond too". 

Vision: Looking for a bigger pond.

Peer pressure: "Be a small fish like us".

Talent: Feeling like a big fish in a little pond.

The only real mistake you can make is to never make any.

\/\/\/\ Progress is a zig-zag line /\/\/\/

Do we fear complete failure, or just a failed idea?

Trust yourself: Your ideas, your talents and your skills.

Nothing wrong about learning from a failed attempt.

Successful people profit if they succeed, Successful people profit if they fail too.

A mistake isn't a waste of time & effort. It actually gives you time to think more deeply.

Mistakes are not to be avoided. Some of them will be Happy Accidents.

Divide a big project into small steps...and smaller mistakes.

Experiment often. Fail early.

You can't be truly ready for life if you're not ready to make mistakes.

Put finished work on display. Put abandoned work away.

Yes, I have lots of experience. I've experienced failure many times.

Pessimists look for somewhere to hide. Optimists look for somewhere to shine.

Pessimists see bad problems. Optimists see good problems.

They'll claim to see your faults & flaws, But for you will open many doors.
They will laugh, they will snigger, But they'll stay small & you'll be bigger.

Some people don't like change, even if it doesn't affect them or is unimportant. It's just too unexpected for them.

Some people are afraid of the future, so they don't even welcome new & beneficial technologies.

Some people are afraid of being more vulnerable, so they avoid social media.

A lot of people want their life to change, but change is what they fear most. (????)

The media loves bad news, and it gives many people reasons to never try.

People want soft & safe; They make their own Padded Cell. (& slowly go crazy with boredom).

Do you want comfortable, or do you want interesting, surprising & fascinating.

People love success but they love to hear when people fail.

Give yourself a chance to succeed & you might fail. Give yourself a chance to fail & you might succeed.

People waiting for the right guarantee. But I guarantee you, man doesn't have any.

Failure IS an option. (Well, not my 1st option, but achievable).

Success is risking failure. Failure is risking nothing.

I know what avoidance taste like. It tastes like Chicken!

It looked like a wall across my path, but as I got closer I saw stones named doubt, rejection, indecision & failure.

Failing isn't being finished. But an opportunity to be a beginner, without all the extra baggage.

For many, the Twilight Zone is anywhere outside their Comfort Zone.

The comfort Zone is a 8x8 foot cubicle.

The Comfort Zone is a familiar discomfort.

A comfort zone is the fear of the unknown & untried.

Staying outside my comfort zone means being hungry enough to venture out far enough for long enough

The place you really want to be, is OUTSIDE your comfort zone.

"Can't", is often just not knowing how...yet.

Some use facts to do amazing things. Some use 'facts' to do nothing.

Some people never do what they planned, because they found a flaw. (But even successful plans had flaws).

People have a fear of getting hurt. They want to protect their inner child from harm.

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