Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The world & society

Poverty is being robbed in advance.

A society that nurtures the creative, protects the ideas that society will need in the future.

If people valued seeds (of talent) as much as fruit, there would be more of both.

You have already experienced more changes than someone from 100 years ago.

Most of what you use everyday didn't exist 12 years ago. What you're learning now wasn't here 4 years ago.

Modern society should be measured in dog years. And it needs to learn some new tricks.

Societies that value conformity, tradition & duty, can't value new ideas & self expression.

Every society needs a vision. It should be that the unique visions of many should be encouraged for the benefit of all society.

We all got something to prove. Even if it's to prove the world wrong.

You either re-enforce the assumptions or re-invent as much as you can.

The first rule of Popular Culture is; You must accept all their assumptions.

When 80% agree on anything, I worry for the other 20%.

When someone tells me a picture is crooked. I say it's actually straight, it's the world that's crooked.

A better society is one that shows appreciation for more of it's artists & innovators sooner.

A poor country is where people struggle to survive. A rich country is where people struggle to stay awake.

The world is divided into people who have to be self-reliant, & those who need to be.

A lot of music videos seems to be a very elaborate form of flirting.

Your informed personal opinion is more useful than the sound bites of public opinion.

People have freedom of speech. The Individual has the freedom to think, without minding what people are saying.

It's getting harder to work out what is fact, fiction or formula.

If people labels don't stick on you, they'll try mud instead (but what you ignore will fall off).

The only labels that mean anything are the ones you choose to carry.

The world loves to put labels on people. The job of an Individual is to defy description.

The world puts people in boxes so they don't have to think outside of it.

The world will have more geniuses if people were not over medicated & over mediated.

The best guardians of society are people who don't conform to it.

The world always underestimates it's creative potential.

Our future is already conceived in the minds of the young.

History is the record of the impatient. They didn't wait for change. (Often enlightened in individuals but seldom in crowds).

For some reason, it's hard to push a 'problem' into the sea. So much better to make space for a shared solution.

The more a crowd focuses on a problem, the more it becomes the problem.

The fact that a lot of opinions are regional, suggests that many people don't think beyond their own experience.

People want to prove the merit of their ideas. The world should give them the space to do it.

The good news is; Not everyone believes all the bad news.

Money is tight because people are tight.

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