Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Passion & Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is a good substitute for vision.

Who knows where your enthusiasm will take you. But I know where you'll be without it.

True success is successfully sharing enthusiasm.

True success is the reward for prolonged enthusiasm.

People aren't lazy. Just uninspired.

When we bring a song or image or writing to life, we also come to life.

Success & Happiness: It’s not what you know, it's knowing what you love.

It's wonderful to see: When someone learns to be creative, they love to learn again.

The world WILL become enthusiastic for your work, if you show them how enthusiastic you are.

If you designed a passionate life, what would it look like.

Move from quiet desperation to obvious enthusiasm.

Feet up this year. Drag feet next year.

Never stop doing what you love, & you'll be unstoppable.

Most people LEAVE work with enthusiasm. Find work where you can ARRIVE with enthusiasm.

Dedication to a creative task has hidden rewards.

First amaze yourself, then amaze the world.

Protect your joy. It keeps you active, energetic & enthusiastic.

When an idea works, it's justified confidence. When it fails, it's Over confidence. (Just don't loose confidence).

Better to be over confident, than unconfident.

People need to be confident their ideas are valid. And that they live in a place that is idea friendly.

Practice builds confidence. Performance builds courage.

First be confident in what you're learning. Then you'll be more confident when it's time to share what you've learned.

Confidence comes from what you're learning, believing & trusting.

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