Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Persistence, determination & progress

An artists success is not becoming famous, but remaining an artist.

Successful creatives actually have terrible imaginations. They couldn't imagine doing anything else.

Successful artists lived with the thought that they may never know success.

Half of 2010 is gone. How are your projects going?

Failure is my teacher and success is my role-model.

Someone will always have a reason why you can't do something great.

If we don't create reasons to create, we will create reasons to do something else.

We need to remember the reasons we create. Or we will find many reasons not to.

For some reason people try to control if, when, how, where & what you create.

You're not a machine. You have seasons, rhythms, cycles & a pulse.

Some people are too quick to abandon a life with more freedom when they realize that it isn't free.

Raise the bar, reach for a star.

Been writing about my creative journey. Surprised how determined I've been to stay creative.

I think I'm Will Powered.

"Too difficult" is just something unpracticed.

Some creative people aren't stopped by inexperience, unanswered questions & no guaranties.

People throw rocks on your path but they won't build walls.

This year may have been a disappointment, but what you learnt, you'll need for new year.

Talked to a homeless man today who's writing two novels (at the libuary). His life's work is on a memory stick.

Excuse me sir, I'm looking for an opportunity. Well son, you just gotta be prepared to go down the road an extra mile.

How can I be sure there'll be an opportunity when I get there? Well, very few go that far but those that do, aren't disappointed.

But everyone I know only does what they're paid to do. Well, I guess that's all they'll ever get paid for.

Ok, can you tell me what I'll find at the extra mile? Don't know, but I'm sure it will something worth the trip.

Alright, I'll go. I'll see you when I get back. Well, better say goodbye now because you won't need to come this way again. The End
Most of your best experiences will happen because you took the first step.

Yesterdays man will always laugh at the work of tomorrows man (or woman).

People who said, "You haven't got what it takes", couldn't see what you got.

Some people don't see the facts, only flaws.

Every creative giant had to first ignore early critics.
It's not just mind over matter. But heart & spirit as well.

A refugee can make more of his life than someone with a birthright.

One day you'll shine but first protect that flicker of hope.

The world lays on a subtle guilt when we want to create. Creative expression isn't selfish.

There's only one way to win this year. It must be conquered.

There can be no focus or persistence without passion.

Some people find themselves on the fringe of life. So they create life around themselves.

You'll probably enjoy a lot of fan love one day, but others will spit poison at you along the way.

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