Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Creativity philosophy

1/ My creative philosophy: Communication, Relationship, Love. (Exchange of ideas, among equals, in the spirit of service).

2/ Content, technique, presentation. If one is lacking, the other two suffer.

3/ My goal was to become a Content Creator. And that content to come from what was already in me.

4/ So I began to explore what was in me: my interests, projects I enjoyed, repeated day-dreams. To find what I needed to create.

5/ What I found was that I had so much inside me to create from.

6/ I began to take notice of my random thoughts. I would say to myself, "what have I been thinking about"? The answer was always interesting.

7/ Inside, we aren't as passive as we think we are. Our inner world is buzzing with activity.

8/ Creative people can find some of their most personally meaningful ideas from this inner world.

9/ This inner world in known as the subconscious. It's like a lake. The surface is what you are learning now.

10/Under the surface is what you have learnt to do without much conscious thought. Like walking.

11/ Now, our ideas are like fish in that subconscious lake. We can bring them to the surface again if we look for them.

12/ See your self as a lake of ideas, not a ocean, because you are a unique identity. You're not part of an impersonal mass.

13/ Creativity is all about connections. Connecting thought, ideas, objects, people. It's not a 'force'. It not about an impersonal universe.

14/ The potential of a creative person is found in what is unique about you.

15/ And then to express your unique identity in creative ways.


Kids grow best with some limits. Also people can be more creative with some limits.

The best philosophy encourages unity of purpose by encouraging many unique talents.

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