Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Creative vision, goals & dreams

You can have vision, passion or purpose. But it can be enough to go in a direction that you can't ignore, without any idea where it goes.

You don't always need to know where you'll end up. Just need a sense that you need to go in one direction.

You see your goal a long way off. But remember, there was a time when you couldn't see it at all.

People always remind me when I forget details. Well I'm a big thinkers & I'm male. Can't change that.

There are two kinds of people: The friend of your dreams & The critics of your dreams.

Our dream is a challenge to abandon mediocrity.

The problem isn't enough ideas. It's that too many ideas turn into dreams.

I have to follow my dream; it won't give me the compass.

A mob is driven by anger. A crowd is driven by frustration. An individual is driven by vision.

An idea becomes a daydream. And a daydream becomes an idea.

You will have many great ideas. At least one will turn into a dream.

My dream isn't bothered that I haven't done that before.

When I grow up I want to be a creative playfessional

Feed your dream to starve the inner critic.

Dreams are great on enthusiasm but not on details. I guess that's my job.

I know why dreams are so confident. It knows I'll be responsible for all future results.

My dream says' "I want to create wonderful things but I need your help".

My dream visited me as a stranger. Now I know it's a reflection of my future self.

My dream said that it doesn't like being invisible to everyone else.

Your dream seeks the light because it spent so long in a dark box.

A dream isn't something you follow. It's something that you are compelled to follow.

My dream is at the front door again, say'n, "Wouhhhh, yah, cuuum on, I wannna get outa this house.

My dream has just asked me for the car keys. Wow, they grow up fast.

I've come to the conclusion that my dream is a bit pushy but maybe I should listen to what it's got to say.

Great, now my dream wants it's own room & more quality time.

A dream has come to live with us. And it has rejection issues.

I need to keep working. My dreams need shoes.

Dreams are like kids. They never forget when you promise them something.

I have a dream. It's like having an allergic reaction to normality.

Don't forget your dreams; they hate that.

I think my dreams are secretly plotting a take over.

Indecision is... I can't make up my mind what it is but it's reeeeally bad.

Fear is an Anti-dream.

Big ideas are something you grow into.

A small idea becomes big with small steps.

Better the small idea shared than the big idea hidden.

Imagination: Seeing a vision of yourself in a brighter reality.

Vision: Seeing a glimps of our ultimate self.

Our dreams are far off but we know they are sweet because they smell so gooood.

Your greatest idea is often labeled : "My Dream".

Creative purpose: Find a big unsolved problem you're passionate about.

My vision: To help you design your creative life.

Your greatest talent is the expression of your vision.

Advice to all time deprived artists: Don't decide to renovate your house! Sigh!!!

All I want is to change the world. Is that to much to ask!

You just have a pocket full of dreams, but that's what people start with.

Before the flicker of the TV screen, we warmed ourselves by the fire of our dreams.

All you can hope for is that others will trust you, even if they don't understand you creative vision.

At some point, the important people in your life need to accept what is important to you.

Creative people are visionaries. The world lives in a fog of urgency.

Tell people what's important to you. Or they'll tell you what's 'urgent'.

A Visionary needs great patience. He may not see his vision realized until after he's dead. ; )

Your dream is like a bear. Sometimes it hibernates & when it's awake, you let it do what it wants.

You can bury your dreams by you can't suffocate them.

If people could travel from the future, they would look for today's visionaries.

Your vision is why (& how) you need to interact with the world, making it better in the process.

A vision is seeing a problems logical conclusion WITH a solution.

It takes vision to see the big picture (& realize someone hung it crooked).

Vision is accepting things in you that must fix things in the world you can't accept.

Most people say they don't have a vision. But all the parts are already in them, just not connected yet.

Your vision is something you grow into, & it's that vision causing you to grow.

Without a vision, people won't find they way. If the vision is lost, they loose they way again.

A vision is contagious action.

Your vision is your true identity saying, "It's time I made my own decisions".

Vision isn't a destination. It's a greater journey.

Vision & enthusiasm does more than talent & skill. Combined, they're unstoppable.

The future holds a fascination because you wonder what part you'll play in it.

The blueprint for your vision is already within you.

All visions look a little crazy before their time.

Todays ambitious vision will look modest 20 year from now. Dream big.

Vision is the immune system for your imagination. So it's not infected with distraction.

A design that requires collaboration, requires a clear vision to inspire them.

A visionary is rarely popular, The popular rarely have vision.

Vision is a Homing Beacon, invented in the future. Only you can detect it's signal.

Don't try to right the wrongs of the past. Right the wrongs of the present & future.

You can't change the world, but can do small things & scale them up.

Everyone has a sense they are missing out on something. That they decide that is, becomes their future.

Few people had much control over the story of their past. Your vision is the story you write of your future.

It's enough to know your goal. Don't need to know how far you'll go or what you'll see along the way.

A visionary sees early trends, but directs & moulds it into something bigger & better.

It's easier to see the big picture when you're used to thinking big.

Planes zoom above our heads. Filling the sky with living dreams.

Some people can't believe in your dreams. They're not capable of it.

When I was very young, I wanted to draw things when I grew up. I still love it.

Many knew what they wanted to be when they were young. It wasn't a childish fantasy.

We all need a chance to create a world that resembles our dreams.

A dream doesn't abandon the dreamer, Dreams don't betray the dreamers trust.

In a changing world, sometimes your dream needs new clothes.

People need to know that their dream is worth it.

Flexible dreams don't shatter.

A dream isn't more work, but more play.

We follow a dream only to find our true self.

We are all followers. We follow our dream or we follow the crowd.

Dreams aren't really lost. People know where they left them.

A dreamers life expands to make room for a big dream.

To be true to yourself, you need to make your dream come true.

We can only go confidently in the direction of our hopes & dreams.

Everyone has value. It's just most of us have to make it more obvious.

If you couldn't be an entertainer, what would you love to be?

The career choice that you will love the most WON'T be the most obvious one.

Too many people wanting to be famous actors & musicians. Some have counterfeit dreams.

First a dream lives in us, then though us. Then we live the dream.

It feels good to talk about your dreams, even if your own mother thinks it's all talk.

Dreams can make little progress, but still better than living a defeated life & not knowing why.

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