Tuesday, January 18, 2011


People won't always listen to your ideas. But keep sharing them.

Ideas are like orphans left at our door. It's impossible to leave them out in the cold.

Creative people get so many ideas, to make up for those who ignore their own.

You have a creative idea. Sometimes, getting it done requires the real creativity.

Ideas can be shy creatures. They come out when they think you're not looking.

Great ideas appear when your self critic is distracted by boring stuff.

No one likes boring work, but that's when you get your best ideas.

You may by busy but the day isn't wasted if you write your ideas down.

I've heard of so many people looking for a fresh start by using stale ideas.

I believe that ideas equals hope. People lack hope because they can't create ideas that will improve their lives.

I believe that people lack hope for their future because they forgot how to create ideas that will guide them.

Most of your best thinking happens with a pen in your hand.

Your best ideas come AFTER the pen is in your hand.

Big ideas are something you grow into.

A small idea becomes big with small steps.

Better the small idea shared than the big idea hidden.

Make new relationships between ideas and people.

Ideas are like seagulls. Feed one and more will appear.

Creativity is when new relationships between ideas & people are encouraged to form.

Value your ideas enough to put them on paper.

Don't be too quick to edit yourself & your ideas.

You want a big future? . . . Follow that big idea.

Love ideas for their own sake. Some may lead to profit. And some will illuminate you.

I get the feeling a lot of people now value any idea only because it could make them money.

A treasured idea is no substitute for research, practice and persistence.

Ideas can be powerful, but no single idea can be a silver bullet.

Yes, you have ideas everyday. You look at the world through your own lense.

Your most powerful idea is the one you have about yourself.

1st: Choose a medium to learn. 2nd: Choose ideas to explore. 3rd: Care for the details. Your next project is the result of your whole life.

Every artist needs a creating place. A studio, a spare room, a corner, or just a note book. Our ideas need to escape the mind-space.

Confidence is believing in your own ideas.

Two wrongs don't make a right, but two bad ideas can make a great ideas. 

It's good to be part of something bigger than yourself. Especially if it's your big idea.

Allow your big idea to be bigger than you.

Don't always know where ideas come from, or where they will take us. But as long as you love the process.

Don't let your mind get in the way of a good idea.

I must love inspiration. I don't mind if it keeps me up half the night.

A good idea moves you forward. A bad idea stops you.

People go nowhere because they don't go where their ideas want to take them.

We run out of ideas because we don't give them time to reach the surface.

Put legs on your ideas,...YOUR legs.

Your big (scary) idea is really lots of small ideas.

Our ideas are like our children. We hope they will grow up & change the world.

Just because you find out that someone had the same idea before you. Doesn't mean you're not creative.

I wonder what the world would be like if more people just followed their ideas.

Some people have ideas that are beautifully executed. Some execute their ideas without trial.

Ideas are like dreams & phone numbers. Write them down before they disappear.

I committed my idea to memory. I committed a crime against creativity.

I'm looking for my lost idea. It's in one of these 100 billion neurons. (Might take a while).

I zoomed past a good idea today. Should have stopped for it. Looked in the mirror but it was gone.

Never be complacent. Never say, "Why do I stand up for my ideas?"

It worth fighting for a good idea.

An idea is vulnerable until it's defended.

You believe in your unseen ideas. Others need to touch & see it first.

Everyday has it's own ideas. Many aren't expected & will never come again.

Everyday is a unique alinement of your thoughts & tasks. Everyday will inspire different things in you.

I've got the Stockholm Syndrome: An idea has taken me hostage & I'm sympathizing with it's cause.

An idea has power over the originator, & gives the end user a power they didn't have before.

A person can only be as confident as he is in his ideas.

An ideal is the best combination of many ideas.

Too many ideas for this year? November is the best time to plan next year.

So many concepts new to me, fly past. Like leaves in the wind from the great tree of knowledge. Each leaf is just a passing thought. But when the leaves touch, they become thoughts combined.

Ideas don't change the world. Plans change the world.

An idea is just a seed of a great plan.
Even if someone steals your idea, it still takes passion & planning to make it profitable. (Something they don't have).

Don't worry about someone stealing an idea. A creative person has too many ideas already.

Don't worry. People who steal ideas have already lost.
Ever a brilliant idea needs to be presented in the right way, in the right place.

Most people don't accept new ideas until they see others applauding.

A good idea can look like bad news to the world; first there is denial, then fear, then acceptance.

Even a great idea must sit on a shelf until the world realizes that they can't live without it anymore.

I'm an entertainer....I'm entertaining the possibilities of a few ideas.

The goal is to find what we seek. But it's the unexpected & interesting things we find, that makes the journey.

I've been conducting some thought experiments. The results are rarely predicted but often interesting.

Abundance is just more people prepared to love & share their ideas.

If you don't capture ideas when they appear, they will take flight & disappear as quickly as they came.

Life becomes too scary for a person without ideas & solutions.

Work on the big idea in you, until it becomes something bigger than yourself.

An interesting life is following interesting ideas.

People choose to ignore inspiration, but not desperation.

Many conceptual leaps began as leaps of faith.

Individuals create original concepts. Groups work out the details, copy, scale & popularize.

Ideas often meet for the first time in the minds of individuals.

A valued idea contains a curtain promise; a hope we didn't have before.

The more we value our own ideas, the more we value ourselves.

An original idea works best if it creates it's own niche. A new category, a new definition.

An idea can have value in itself, or in the challenge.

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