Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Curiosity & learning

People become more creative when they allow their curiosity to be inspired by simple things.

Not everyone has the opportunity to study. But everyone has the freedom to learn.

Curiosity is the love of learning. Endless boredom is the price of indifference.

University is heaven for the curious and paradise for the creative.

If we're not learning, we become robots running on old, pre-installed programs.

We learn interesting things about ourselves when we are learning other interesting things.

Few things are finer than learning interesting things with others.

You may find that some of your best times were learning new things at your pace.

There are Students and Stagnates. Those who keep learning and those who stop.

I wonder if I'm too curious. I feel like an ant exploring an oak tree.

A creative soul is rarely bored. He always packs a big lunch for a hungry curiosity.

Curiosity is like a close friend. Imagination like a brother.

Creativity is ultimately the exploration of personal curiosity.

We can wish to be a master, or we can create today with the heart of a student.

Common knowledge, prevailing wisdom, seedless watermelon. Don't accept it just because most believe it.

Logic looks for instant satisfaction, curiosity is far more patient.

Been away for a while. Needed some in-put time. I love learning new things.

You succeed if you earn but if you only learn, you still succeed.

An artist doesn't need to know all the answers. They can just ask the question.

See more intentionally, Feel more sensitively, Think more independently.

I'm learning too much at the moment, to get an education.

You are a theory that needs to be tested.

I've always been curious. What makes me tick?

If you're a mystery to yourself, then the world is a mystery.

Your life is a journey of discovery. Begin with you.

Life can be a mystery. You shouldn't be.

Creativity is a life of discovery. -Of your unique talents, personality, dreams, voice & niche.

A laboratory curiosity is an observation without imagination.

The great pillars of discovery should never be just silos of knowledge.

Knowledge is relative, truth is absolute.

Feed your curiosity. Don't drip feed it.

Bad television is the gradual transition from a bad education.

Today is 'National awareness of nothing in particular day'.

Restlessness, is the hunger pains of an unfed curiosity.

More people would have a photographic memory, if they took off the lens cap.

We create with what we know, to explore what we don't know.

An artist sees more, a musician hears more.

The most observant are deaf. The best listeners are blind.

Most of us have excellent hearing & eye sight. Unfortunately, most of us can't do them well at the same time.

We see & hear unconsciously. -It's a common problem.

The future belongs to the people that are curious, creative & open to change.

Apart from boring work, there isn't any reason to be bored.

In a digital world, we need to focus on what we need now. Not on what we might need later.

Entertainment shouldn't be an escape from reality, but give a hunger for more of it.

You never know what you'll find when you become curious. But that's half the fun.

When you're open, things flow to you. When you're creative, things flow out.

Have an intense curiosity about you. What are you reeealy capable of?

A tragedy is someone who wants to learn but can't. And someone who can learn but won't.

Man digs for rare minerals in the depths of the earth so he can see the colors of a distant galaxy.

Curiosity is the remedy for conscious ignorance.

Knowledge is empowering. Words have the power to bridge the divide.

Confidence comes from knowing how to begin. And yet still beginning, knowing there is still much to learn along the way.

Listen twice as much. Believe what you hear half as much.

Read as much as you can. Let it stimulate your thinking, not replace it.

Curiosity isn't a hungry mind, but a feast for a growing identity.

A great curiosity, creates a great talent.

Don't have much? At least you have talent. Even if you didn't have talent, curiosity will be rewarded.

A seeker may accept a lie, but will eventually find the truth. Someone sure of his truth, will end up with lies.

Curiosity is the best teacher.

The seeker finds much more than he seeks. He finds an interesting path just for himself.

Busyness is the death of curiosity.

You don't know what you don't know. -Unknown

Knowing is easy. People who believe it's difficult or expensive, won't get far.

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