Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Other employees are only interested in the possibility that your job might be a little better than theirs.

The problem with being an employee is having to listen to other employees talking about their jobs.

Being an employee is often a necessity, but shouldn't become your whole mindset.

Everyone wants financial independence, without thinking or feeling independently.

People who worry most about their future, are the ones that leave their future in the hands of others.

People often feel trapped. But the happiest prisoner is the one planning his escape.

I want to be so ready for this year, that if I loose my job it would be a blessing.

People tend to stop creating for themselves when they start working for a boss.

Over heard a supermarket lady say, "I'm just biding my time". (I'll endure this job until I work out what I want to do with my life).

Work colleague said she's "been in this job too long, but I'm in my comfort zone now".

People spend too much time looking for disappearing jobs Instead, create a new job description.

It's easier to find a job that hasn't disappeared.

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