Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Creative repurposing

To repurpose an old thought, idea or memory to a new purpose is the height of creativity.

A man said to me that the iPad has no real use. I said you can pick up a stick & find 20 useful things for it.

A creative mind sees every pile of junk as a jigsaw puzzle.

Our goal becomes our purpose. What we find along the way, we repurpose to reach that goal.

A regret remains a burden until you decide how it's useful to you.

Creativity means re-purposing. Even your regrets can be re-purposed.

The worlds junk is a creative mans treasure.

Improvisivity: To improvise by using found items that your surrounding have provided, in creative ways.

People wait until they have the latest tools, but it's out of necessity that true creativity flourishes.

People wait until everything is better before creating, but it's the creating that makes things better.

A cup is NOT a cup. It's anything you want or need it to be.

Nothing is what it was intended to be, in the hands of a creative person.

For me, nothing escapes being a paper weight at least once.


  1. "Nothing is what it was intended to be, in the hands of a creative person."

    I like that one a lot. Who said it?

  2. Yes, I'm a little silly. I see now that YOU said it! :) Very nice. I'll be quoting you soon!