Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Not everyone has a creative foundation on which you can build an innovative concept.

Good innovation is human centered. Good design is organic.

Great innovation is creative compassion.

Innovation is a better mouse trap. Progress is a better question.

There are no new possibilities without new questions.

A new era begins when people start to ask new questions.

Old problems remain because they're waiting for a new perspective.

The problem with doing what everyone else is doing, you can't do what no one has done before.

Everyone wants to be a leader but not everyone wants to go first.

Current leaders in any field never waited to see what others are doing.

New inventions need new discoveries. New discoveries need new inventions.

Our questions begin as an assumption. And questions reveal false assumptions.

Without the info we need, assumptions become necessary. It's the false assumptions we are taught that mislead us.

Creativity is turning nothing into something. Innovation is turning something into many.

Innovation is improving everything. (Even improve the way you improve things).

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