Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Creative values (The why)

In the past the most destructive country won. Now the most creative country will succeed.

Better to build bridges instead of barricades. Create links with people instead of destroying them.

Better to build schools than try and teach a whole country a lesson in submission.

War is a collective lack of imagination. What if the Cotton Harvester was invented before the US civil war?

I think I had Entitlement Issues. Now I believe there is so much I can give.

Great creativity doesn't begin with knowing HOW, but knowing WHY it needs to be made.

Why you create what you do is your headline. How you do it is the text.

If you know why you need to create, the how will follow.

Knowing why you chose your content or subject is more important than how you convey it.
Things to do: -Write everything down. (Doin' it) -Create projects. (Started) -Change the world. (Maybe next year)

Our greatest connection: Create what we value for those who will value what we create.

I just want to change the world. That's not too much to ask.

Your best ideas will be for others.

Becoming more creative: It's personal but it's not about you.

Finding creative purpose: What disturbs you is 'the problem'. What inspires you is 'the solution'.

Sometimes when we learn to live more creatively, we create a better life for everyone else.

Creative people share what they love.

Creativity is being generous in interesting ways.

Creative achievement is an act of generousity.

Love says 'Yes', wisdom says 'No'. Courage says what needs to be said.

Wasted talent disturbs me.

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