Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Visual communication

 Even an Interior Decorator can SAY something about the character of the building & purpose of the spaces.

Art speaks, decoration is mute.

An artist often explores different mediums to explore new ways to communicate.

I've been to Europe & seen the great halls. -There's a big difference between Art & decoration.

You're not a Decorator. You are a Visual Communicator. (Many created objects are communication devices).

Don't look at your art as decoration. When Michelangelo was asked to 'decorate' the Sistine Chapel, he ran for the hills.

Business is about providing something useful. Yet some artists don't consider that their art can ever serve any useful purpose

People aren't remembered for how well they painted, but for WHAT they painted. (What is the SUBJECT you want to be remembered for?)

Art is great when it says something... Isn't this interesting, Isn't this funny, This is how I felt, This is important to me...

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