Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Comedy & Comedians

Comedy explores delusions of grandeur, verses resistance.

Comedy speaks when the character should say nothing, and remains quiet when the audience needs to read his mind.

A comedian allows his audience to be surprised by their own common sense.

Comedy is when the audience knows what the character is thinking, even when he does know what to think.

Comedy is a passenger who doesn't drown only because he is covered in mouse traps :-)

Comedy is the hope that a person can handle the situation by them self.

Comedy is when the hair of intensions gets caught in the button of limitations. 

Comedy is a guy hoping to complete a journey in one piece, that he never intended to take.

A comedian exaggerates what he gives and misunderstands what is presented to him. 

A comedian is someone who over compensates for his inability to comprehend his situation. 

A comedian is a mime artist who forgets to stay quiet.

Comedy at it's simplest is: Man verses gravity.

When I'm talking with someone, I've given up the 'pause for effect'. People never wait for the punch line.

Man needed planes so comedians can take 'man verses gravity' to new level.

The world would be a boring place if comedians couldn't use air travel.

Comedy works when the audience knows what the character should be or shouldn't be thinking.

Comedy successfully communicates all human failings.

Comedy is over compensating helplessness with over confidence.

Comedy is the art of exaggerating misunderstandings, & misunderstanding exaggerations.

A comedian is an optimist. He is forever surprised to discover that the world isn't perfect.

Comedy is a mental picture set in a wrong frame of reference.

Comedy shows that even confusion has a certain logic.

Comedy is not expecting the unexpected.

A comedian is someone specialized in explaining all the things he has tried to understand.

A professional comedian's job is to explain that he is an amateur in everything else.

A comedian is someone who gets payed to have people laugh at his own expense.

Comedy is a man-child trying to be a man among men.

Comedy happens when the physical meets physics.

Comedy happens when simplicity meets complexity.

Comedy is when imperfection confronts blind efficiency.

Comedy is unjustifiable optimism.

Comedy shows us that even confusion has a curtain logic.

Comedy is a story, which is a journey, which was a disaster.

A fractured soul is when the inner child was left behind.
A comedian is someone who left behind his inner adult.

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