Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Creative identity, uniqueness & originality

People respond well to works that are new, unique, original or different.

We are all unique. So we should create thinks that are unique.

Creative people make unique things to remind us, we are all unique.

The purpose of an artist is translate all they are into all they do.

Each day is a unique opportunity to express your unique self in a unique way.

We admire people who have elevated their life to an art form.

The machines that make the objects around us are more incredible than the object itself. We are also more incredible than what we make.

Success is being known for something. True success is expressing what you know about yourself.

We become so bored because we tell our true self to wait in a line that doesn't exist.

There is no wisdom in crowds if no one know why they're in it.

Following the crowd is to counterfeit progress.

Quality is always in the minority. Don't need to follow the crowd.

I think I was literally born a designer. I redesigned the horse in high school.

I did a RISC assessment. It says I'm influencing. Symbolized by the Otter. Funny, Otters have been my favorite animal since I was a kid.

Your creativity is looking for a home.

Now I know why the world didn't see my creative potential. I didn't see it clearly.

The world can only make your head spin if you compass is spinning.

Whenever you say, "Wow, that's interesting", you are feeding you creative identity.

Creative identity is when your talents meet your personality.

When you define your creative identity, you begin to see yourself in everything you choose to create.

I believe there is so much frustration in people because they don't know their own creative identity.

Creative success: Applying your uniqueness in a way that offers value to others.

Creativity reminds you that you are unique.

Creative identity: When you have a story, you become visible to yourself & others.

Looking for your creative identity? Start with who you're not.

True intelligence is to know who you are.

You are already unique.

The world will see a projection of your creative identity.

All that we can give that is new & unique comes from ourselves.

Our first mistake: Forgetting to look inward.

Some are protectors, others are restorers, leaders & providers. We are the makers, the creators.

When I grow up, I want to be me.

Want to become a creative genius? Retain your divergent thinking.

Humans are unique because we create. And every artist is unique.

If you are unemployed, you are still an artist. That will never change.

You are not the job you have now, if you don't love it.

A designer who is a security guard should always tell himself, "I am not a guard"!

A musician who works in a factory should say to himself often, "I am not a factory worker"!

An actor, who works as a waiter, should say to himself often, "I am not a waiter".

Your style is the way you cloth your creative identity.

A persons creative identity is revealed in his dreams, documented in his goals, & revealed in his work.

When you define your creative identity, you see yourself in everything you choose to create.

A creative career: The secret is to make the person you are secretly, no secret anymore.

Your creative medium is an extension of your identity. Like a musical instrument is an extension of your emotions. 

Creative identity is when your talents meet your personality.

You are not an 'extra' in someone's else's life-story. Some supporting role to some other star.

I creative person needs to be unique: A unique style, sound, subject or theme. Look to your unique experiences, talents, skills & interests.

Maybe there were no creative giants. Just ordinary people with some big ideas? Like us.

A lot of people have admired what YOU have done.

Better to be unique, than a better imitator.

Never tell yourself: "I'm empty of ideas". Your everyday thoughts are original to someone else.

Never tell yourself: "I used to be an artist but not any more".

In darker times women authors didn't get the credit they deserved. And some used male names to get published.

When you read a quote from 'Unknown'. Insert: 'Female author''.

Have faith in yourself. Much of who you are & will be, is unseen.

Most of who are, you CAN'T put on a resume.

We create to find our voice, not just to express it.

You are far more original & unique than you realize.

Think different, be different, make it different & make a difference.

It's enough to compare yourself to who you want to be.

You can't compare yourself to people you can never be.

Our lives are confined by our narrow definition of it.

Identity: I am not my body. I am my soul. The soul of an artist.

You are uniquely creative when you express yourself from your personality, talents, dreams, emotions, needs & values.

Allow creativity to become an everyday thing. What will be normal for you, will seem genius to others.

POSITIVE SELF image is everything.

Never say, "I'm a nobody". You are a man among men, a woman among women. Their equal.

So much knowledge would go to waste if it wasn't for new creative applications.

Man is dependent on the independent thinker.

The work you're most suited to may not the most glamourous or the most nobel.

What others say, isn't as good as what you say about yourself.

We become what we believe & imagine.

Humans are self aware. The truly human are aware of their unique identity.

If you have a style that is yours alone, people will look for you.

People will remember your unique style, even if they don't know your name.

When you are unique, people will see your signature style in everything you do.

Everyones gift is unique. If they were common, they would have little value.

When someone searches within themselves for a familiar gift, he discovers something unique to him alone.

We start, not knowing our true limits. We finish, not knowing our true potential.

I can only become the person I can be by expressing the unique person I am.

Repetition is normal because it's repetitive. (I won't repeat it).

It's easy to think different. Just think for yourself.

You don't need to be a designer to design your life.

People who are different are the ones that designed their life.

What "everyone is doing" & "no one is doing", has nothing to do with what you need to do.

I've heard people say, "It's not a good idea because no one else is doing it".

"Everyones doing it" was never a good reason to do anything.

Everyone is unique but an Independent spirit makes his unique self shine brighter.

Everyone has a unique talent. Not everyone is prepared for those unique opportunities to express it.

In an effort to fit in, people often leave the unique part of themselves outside.

Be part of groups, not to be more the same but to be more yourself.

An affinity group has the same values, but that's were the sameness should end.

People love to be accepted into a group, but it can become a place of sameness, instead of rich diversity.

A social network is a group with similar interests BUT ideally all have a unique expression.

Being social was never about being like everyone else. But discovering the interesting differences.

It's not a niche if everyones doing it. What's different about what you do?

Body want comforts, crowd wants conformity. But I don't want to be average.

You don't have to try & be yourself. Just stop trying to be someone else.

There is a real pressure to look better but the best ideal is being real.

Sad to see people willing to give up their health to try & be someone else.

Socially, people copy their friends, Professionally, people copy their foes, Culturally, people copy their idols.

Imitators give you the past. Innovators give you the future.

They're many impersonators because a lot of listeners like to repeat the past over & over.

You have heros because they were so creative & original. Enjoy them, but they wouldn't want you to copy them.

Be original. Throw away those dead mans clothes.

1st rule when doing things your way: Don't sing "I did it my way"

If you must imitate, at least do it your way.

The trouble with an 'off the shelf' existence is you could end up back on the shelf (collecting dust).

Design your life. Too many living an 'off the shelf' life.

You want to be liked for You, not for being more alike.

True individuality defines their own self concept, their own personal identity.

When imitators get old, they talk about someone else's past.

Things that people think they need for a 'creative lifestyle', don't help creativity at all.

When the Trendy starts doing it, the Trendsetter try's something new.

Most people do it because it's trendy. The Trendsetter does it because no ones doing it.

Imitators, imitate old success.

Imitators do what they did last year.

Great artists & entertainers absorbed many influences. Imitators are only influenced by them.

Every natural stage of our awareness should be a new layer. The imitation phase should be just a passing fad.

Society is like a penguin colony; taking stones from each others nests.

Often an extreme view is an over reaction to the other extreme view.

The world will always want you to take a side quickly, but often what is true & reasonable is somewhere in-between.

It okay for the independent thinker to sit on the fence for a while. (As long as he doesn't stay there).

Freedom of thought is a right few people claim.

Public opinion, is a lot of people pretending to have a personal opinion.

Creative people transform the world, not conform to it.

You can only be independent if you have opinions, values & views that differ from the majority.

Don't imitate. Originate.

Don't copy & paste. Just be yourself.

If you just copy what everyone else is doing, you have already lost.

I want you to succeed. I want you to shine. Not trying to reflect someone elses light.

An imitator becomes a forgery of someone else.

Your fresh start won't come from stale ideas.

Don't follow the crowd. They all get stuck on roundabouts.

Don't follow the crowd. They stick to the highway & still loose their way.

Don't follow the crowd. They're like a school of fish, following each other.

Mediocrity is life-support for people waiting for a self belief transplant.

An independent thinker needs to find quiet places but also engages more deeply with others.

It's good to accept the will of the majority, but worthless if the view of the minority isn't protected.

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