Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Photography is such a wonderful thing. It's not what's in the picture. It is our desire to be in these far off places too.

If it doesn't capture your imagination any more. It's time to explore new mediums and subjects.

People only say, "You're out of your mind", when your imagination has escaped.

Imagination is sweet. Progress should be sweeter.

Only your imagination is perfect. Your work is progress. That's enough.

Never compare your work to others. Not even to your own imagination.

The artist see's the worts, the audience see's beauty.

Perfectionism is toxic. It will poison everything.

Your aim shouldn't be perfection, but progress.

Imagination creates new realities.

Imagination: Your right to freedom of thought.

For me, the key that unlocks my imagination is.....a pencil!

When no one is looking, our imagination comes out of it's hiding place.

Imagination is a creative mind at play. We all have it.

Making connections; they're the games creative minds play.

A visual imagination makes better connections. It's the stuff that ideas are made if.

Don't need to think more. Just connect.

In a repetitive world, everyone prefers to be in a world of their own.

I'm sure, without imagination, we would all slip into a semi conscious coma.

People generally question the imagination of others & themselves.

I'm a figment of my imagination.

The world is the solidification of imagination & elements.

People who can imagine the unseen, recognize each other. They see it in them.

Not everyone has the imagination to see that your ideas are possible.

People think of their imagination as just a small, wild creature that got into their roof space.

Wild imagination is an endangered species. Should be protected.

My imagination has gone too far. Doesn't it know it's limits?

It's just me, my imagination & I.

"It's just my imagination". ("It's just something in me that wants to improve my reality").

My imagination is running away from me. I really should keep up.

You're not limited by your imagination. Your imagination is limited by you.

People quickly become bored without electricity. Have we forgotten how to think for ourselves?

For many, a good imagination has been replaced by a good connection or good reception.

Entertainment should spark imaginations. Not replace it.

Some people can't imagine what they can do without an output device. They could do a lot & output a lot.

We have wild imaginations. Our intuition is our instincts. Creativity, our wilderness to explore.

If we loose our imagination, we loose track of who we are.

The thing that sparks your creativity is the flint of imagination.

Imagination is a strange machine. It's kind of a 3D augmented virtual reality x-ray holographic daydream projection device.

Without imagination, a lot of knowledge would be wasted.

Knowledge is gained in activity, imagination in stillness.

Knowledge is the distillation of the ages. Imagination is the essence of the individual.

Knowledge is earned, imagination is a free gift.

Knowledge is a seed. Imagination waters it.

We are given imagination so we know what our talents are for.

Drawing is a better way to imagine, & to communicate your ideas.

A drawing is proof of your imagination. The hardcopy of your hopes.

An active imagination is exercise for a healthy mind.

Imagination is a way to escape the present, & a way to chase the future.

A creative perspective often sees what is imagined, interacting with what is seen.

Imagination includes things to what you see, that seems missing from your view.

Imagination is the alternate reality overlaid onto your present reality.
We see with out brains. Our imagination are the doodles we draw on those mental images.

Imagination is the transparency that overlays your visual perception.

Knowledge comes by reading, research & revision. Imagination comes by reflection.

Knowledge trickles. Imagination flows.

Very little appears possible without imagination.

What boosts imagination, lifts the world. What infects imagination, makes it afraid.

People who were ahead of their time, allowed their imagination to run ahead of them. Then they ran after it.

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