Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time & priorities

How can anyone hope for a more creative life if they don't even set aside 30 minutes a day to create.

I few minutes writing your thoughts down everyday is a great start to a more creative life.

The first step in a transition to a more creative life is to accept your need to create regularly.

It's about Task Management, not time management. Focus on your strengths.

Remember, People who are good at wasting their time, are good at wasting yours too.

Can't decide how best to use your time? Love knows when to say Yes. Wisdom knows when to say No.

Want to save a lot of time? Give people what they need, not what they want.

We spend our whole life waiting for the perfect time. But life isn't perfect.

Everyone needs a Creative Retreat. But that sounds defeatist. Let's call it a Creative Takeover.

We have no time to create because we have an over inflated sense of duty to go beyond our needs.

Today we have more opportunity to fill up our time, instead of protecting pockets of time to explore opportunities.

Your idea must be more valued than the compulsion to fill ever moment with mildly amusing distractions.

Ever experienced the subtle pressure not to create? "Oh, you're not doing much, can you help me"(?)

When we accept the mental cycle of "Need to work & deserve a rest", we won't allow ourselves time to create.

Great way to be more creative: What can you create that will be finished by sunset?

If people don't value your time, they don't value what you're doing.

Time should be shared, exchanged & given voluntarily. Not expected from you.

Time is valuable. People can expect too much of it from you.

Your life isn't giving your time away. It's devoting you time to what you love.

It's easy to say, "When I've organised everything, then I'll create". That makes your art the lowest priority.

There will always, always be something else to do. But you CAN find 15 minutes to create everyday.

I wonder what’s on the Procrasta-vision?
Maybe I'll aimlessly surf the Procrasta-net?

We wait for the mythical 'When'...but the 'NOW' is your moment.

Tomorrow will be a better day to start... ...Start TODAY will a better tomorrow be.

The greatest gift to yourself is TIME...YOU are one of your priorities.

I've been guilty of over planning & under achieving.

Education is a wonderful thing but it conditions people to learn first, THEN apply it in the real world.

'Beginning' has a wonderful effect; What you thought was too hard & too tiring is often only an illusion.

The best way forward is often a bit to the left or right. Never in the middle or to the extreme.

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