Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The purpose of creative people is to Repurpose. -To give things & ideas a second life.

When Major Purpose says, "Start flying". You say, "How high?"

People should only watch TV if they take notes. Me included.

If you can't decide what you're passionate about, you can decide what most disturbs you.

Your greatest discovery will be when you realize your area of greatest potential.

No one really knows what is or isn't possible.

Let us see more broadly, imagine more deeply, experiment more regularly.

The world says, "Find your passion". I say, "Find your burden & make the solution your passion".

It's easy to find passion in Sport & Leisure, but in answers to our burdens, we find our purpose.

I knew a man who did humanitarian work but had a nervous breakdown. He didn't know what work he really loved.

You have a inner hero: You need to solve a common problem, meet a specific need or save someones day.

Everyone has a Hero Complex. Some just don't know it yet.

Even blind optimism sees more clearly.

A person who doesn't decide why they exist, will barely exist at all.

Your journey IS your goal.

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