Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sign of the times

Sign of the times: In 1999 I bought a new Apple computer. Friends said 'Why'. Now half my friends have them.

Sign of the times: In high school, those computer nerds were the ones that hid in the library at lunch time. Now we have 5 computers.

Sign of the times: My oldest is 12 years old. So is Google. Don't know how we researched baby names???

Sign of the times: My 12 year old is on her 3rd computer. I don't think I even saw one when I was 12.

Sign of the times: Moved the VCR out of the lounge room this week. None of us remember how it works.

Sign of the times: Put old encyclopedias outside for recycling. A stake 5 foot high.

Sign of the times: Saw my 1st computer (Sinclair ZX Spectrum) in comp museum in UK. Ran off a cassette recorder. That's a.... Never mind.

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