Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Having an audience (& a community)

Let the world see the love in what you do, and they'll love it too.

Be known for what you do. It's not who you know, but who knows you.

A crowd becomes your community when you know your purpose in it.

There are those that follow a crowd. And those that serve a community.

The artist see's the worts, the audience see's the beauty.

If your audience doesn't know what fires you up, you will leave them cold.

Create from what you believe, what disturbs you, what you care about. That is what people respond to.

The only time an artist should re-create something is to re-create what is in him, into the audience.

On your creative journey, you travel through the hearts of your audience.

If every story is a journey. Then the art is to know were your audience is now. And then to take them to a place you want them to go.

Begin by trusting yourself. Then gain the trust of the 1 important person in your life. Then your future audience.

Musicians that sing about Fire, remember being burned. It still ignites their music.

A critic is someone who has just been introduced to the future.

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