Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Needs & motivations

Creative motivation: the desire to spread your ideas no matter what

Your best ideas will be how you spread your ideas.

Success & Happiness: It’s not what you know, it's knowing what you love.

An artist hope: To be loved for what you love to do.

The goal of an artist: To be known for what you know about yourself.

Many artists want to succeed. Learn from the success of the many artists that have inspired you in the past.

Amazing things begin to happen when people realize they can do more than they thought.

One thing most people can do is say, "I can't".

Everyone is a collector. Some people collect dust.

Dissatisfaction is the raw ingredient used to create things that give a shared satisfaction.

We become better at what turns our mind 'ON'. An 'OFF' mind, makes us less capable.

Find your greatest need & you'll find your greatest motivation.

The people who are the most motivated have decided what they can't live without.

Your greatest hunger is not to fill yourself, but to BE yourself.

One some level, you have your greatest need; a conscious hunger.

It's not the filled that succeed, but the hungry ones.

Preparation is the best defense against inevitable desperation.

People choose to ignore inspiration, but not desperation.

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