Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Creative development

'Retirement' is not code for self actualization.

Maslow said self actualization is the goal, but it can be expressed at every level.

Create a corner for yourself. One day it could become the centre of your life.

Work,...again! Doesn't the World realize that I've got more interesting things to do.

The big question: How to live a creative life & still be responsible?????

I can't wait for the day when work & play are the same thing.

Work & play don't have to be opposites.

Do you schedule your own 'I need to create' days?

Definition of success: Someone who re-invented them self.

A non-creative life: I'm too young...I'm too busy...I'm too old.

Some only window shop for an interesting life, because they put them self behind glass.

You need to know what subject you're attracted to. Don't even need to know why.

Don't know what to create? Start with what you appreciate the most.

We need to be creative, so we can create a way to have everything else we need.

Anyone can learn to be more creative but it's what we learn about ourselves that makes all the difference.

A transition plan is the bridge between your life, & the life you want to create for yourself.

First thing an aspiring artist needs to do; create a transition plan.

Artists modify, improve, or even repurpose, but never restore.

Creatives should never become restorers, restorators or repairers.

Your greatest creative achievement is; the life you create for yourself.

Don't worry too much if you aren't in a creative job. Most people are remembered for their second career.

Your greatest creative achievement is the life you create for yourself.

Your creative journey is not just a metaphor. It will take you to a lot of real-world places. 

Your creative journey is not like other journeys. You will travel a road no one has used before you. For it is still under construction.

On your creative journey, you may outgrow the vehicle, or it will need updating.

Things not working for you any more? You might need a skill retrofit.

There are so many new inventions every day. So at some point, we all have to reinvent ourselves.

For a creative life avoid: ........ Division of labour, segregations of people, categories of knowledge & fragmentation of self.

When I grow up I want to be..... Creative enough to adapt to a future job description & business model that no one can predict, mum.

Waiting for life to begin is like waiting to catch a train at home.

Expose yourself to the creativity of others. See what stirs you.

Approach your whole life creatively & you'll have plenty of inspiration for your projects.

We don't like doing much when we don't take notice of what our spirit needs.

People saying, "I wish I was more creative". But everyones creativity looks different, as it should be.

Never apologize for your level of creativity. It's growing all the time.

People need creativity. They need the satisfaction of making it, or the pleasure of receiving it.

Make it big. Make yourself a bigger version of who you are.

I feel like a moth in a carcoon

I feel like a cactus in the desert. A drop of water is a flow of meaning.

Wanted: Time Traveller. To go back 20 years & hide my TV remote.

We can become over loaded with information. We can become over mediated.

We block out the still small voice, intuition & our music by the noise of modern life.

Life begins as a first draft.

Sometimes you need to change your medium. It's your content (subject, message) that matters.

The only way to keep up with changing tools, is to invent & adopt new ones first.

People who confine themselves to today's tools, become yesterdays technician.

If you got things you really want to say, You'll find new ways to say it.

Your chosen profession is your subject. Not your current skills.

Your niche is your content. Not your medium.

Creative people need to have some technical skills & technical people need to be creative sometimes.

An open mind opens hidden doors.

The creative mind considers many unusual things, that a logical mind rejects as nonsense.

It is what we let create us, that defines what we create.

Avoid stagnation: See new places, read new things, meet new people & try new things.

Creative people see most things as interesting, new or an opportunity to learn.

When a problem appears, people resist it straight away. Creative people see everything as fixable.

Creativity is one of the few attitudes that welcomes problems. They all appear solvable.

When you are creating, you may feel younger but you'll never feel older.

We are born creative & it can be taught. But can't be more creative without the need & a clear reward.

Self directed study eventually becomes a study of self.

The average person has many myths about what it takes to become above average.

There are ordinary people that do ordinary things. And ordinary people that do amazing things.

Don't let your past self tell your present self what your future self can't do.

Everyday creativity: Say, "I'm going to create something today" Never say, "Can I" or "Will I".

Everyday creativity: Make new connections, relationships & associations between objects, ideas & words. (It's fun & interesting)

Everyday creativity: Repurpose everything. Every object, idea or original content can be used for something else.

Everyday creativity: Look around you. The solution to that need is probably in the room. (channel your inner McGyver)

Everyday creativity: It's recording your ideas as they appear. They don't have to be perfect, only interesting to you.

Everyday creativity: It's far more than being Artistic. It's seeing options, solutions & possibilities in everything & everyone.

Sometimes I go too fast for people. I've had my Self Limiter removed.

I tried to be a perfectionist for 2 weeks. I now realize I'm a brilliant imperfectionist.

Retain the curiosity of a child. Retain the awakening of late childhood. Retain the independent spirit of the teenager.

We got to be more creative than we thought we needed to be. But that's how we grow.

When you're overpowered by the need to create, you realize theres less things you thought you needed.

Some people don't dive into life. They say to themselves, "I won't hold my breath."

Goals shouldn't be based on what you know, but on how much you want to grow.

My motto: Just start. Figure out how to do it as I go.

People get paralyzed by indecision or analysis. People who can accept not knowing, can achieve many things.

People get bogged down by what to do. Then by how to do. I'm going to just do & know as I go.

Forward thinkers pay it forward.

The best way to know your thoughts is to write them down.

You can have a creative life if you create your life.

Deposits of success aren't always financial. There are the small personal victories made along the way.

The only way you can totally accept your unique self, is to never compare yourself to anyone else!

We grow when we think big & work on projects bigger than ourselves.

We learn a lot about ourselves when we love learning about others.

Sometimes you have to step into the unknown to do what you love.

Dream big. People who keep both feet on the ground go nowhere.

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