Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Outward success is nice, but satisfaction is better.

People will do all sorts of crazy things if they think they will be rewarded for it. -Unknown.

A creative persons greatest distraction is the pressure of showing outward success.

The pressure to justify a creative direction with material success can be too much for an artist.

Sometimes our desire for creative expression & financial success cancel each other out.

Confidence in your talent must exist BEFORE it is rewarded.

Success is believing that YOUR thoughts, YOUR point of view & YOUR ideas have great value. (Write them down)

Success is the avoidance of unnecessary distractions & expectations.

Creative times, are the small deposits of success we invest into our confidence, skills & future.

Success is keep showing up....with enthusiasm

Success is being unique with excellence.

Admire their talent & work. Not just their success.

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